Lawn mowing service…what to look for

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Lawn Mower providing lawn mowing service
Experienced lawn mowing services should provide flexible and attentive service to their clients.

From our experience, the qualities listed below are what we believe people are looking for, and should be looking for, in a lawn mowing service provider.

Lawn Mowing Service – Best Qualities to Look For

1. Flexibility

Is the company or individual who is providing the lawn mowing service willing to provide as needed services or do they only provide services based on weekly or biweekly lawn mowing contracts? Look for a service that is willing to provide both options.

2. Experience

Does the lawn mowing service company have much experience in mowing lawns and using lawn mowers and trimmers? Although using a lawn mower is not rocket science good lawn mowing does require some experience to be aware of high or low part in the ground that can cause the mower to cut too low and kill the grass in that area. It is important to know how to properly overlap the mower path to ensure an eye-pleasing cut. Trimmer technique is vital in not leaving scars in the lawn while providing a profiled trim. Equipment maintenance can affect the quality of grass cutting.

3. Adaptability

No one wants their lawn being mowed while they have guests over enjoying time in their yard. Is your lawn mowing service willing to arrange a new time to come back and mow so as to not disturb your fun time with friends and family? Is your lawn mowing service willing to, on short notice, come and mow your lawn early when you are going to have guests over? Good lawn mowing companies adapt to their clients needs. Lawn fertilizing services may request that mowing be delayed a few days after application. Good lawn mowing services adapt.

4. Attentiveness

Every homeowner has distinct and particular ways they like their lawn to be mowed. A good lawn mowing service will listen and apply the directions given by their client. They will usually make notes and ensure that those directions are regularly followed on subsequent lawn mowing visits.

5. Cleanliness

A good lawn mowing service will make sure that their client’s property is left looking clean of debris. Lawn mowers and trimmers are notoriously bad for spraying grass, dirt and other debris onto sidewalks, patios, door jams, decks, etc. If your lawn mowing service is not sweeping and clearing your walkways and other visible surfaces then they are only doing half the job.

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